Wednesday, March 10, 2010

. . . Happy Birthday Papa! . . .


No worries dad, the saying still lives on, Stay Sexy Till Sixty! hahaha!!! i love you so much. time has been my witness throughout the life i have endured up until today. i know i have misjudged you when i was still immature. but now that i've gone thru and past my youth into my adulthood, i totally realized and totally agree on your decisions which includes me and mom.

To Allah i pray a never ending, even thru death itself, blessings for you. thru you, Allah has shown me the true nature of life and how to go thru it without ever worrying about the harshness in life through your guidance all this time eventhough i am out of sight now. my life and world itself, revolves around you! i'll proudly stand by you even till we reach the gates of heaven, Amin.


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