Thursday, March 18, 2010

. . . a new beginning . . .


as far as i am concerned, i am absolutely ecstatic as my luck seems to be up this month. i received that surprising call (which usually turns out to be a regret call telling me i didn't succeed on getting an apartment, but that day was totally different) telling me that i was chosen to be given an apartment. it took me a while to register as i was busy rearranging the store room at the office in the middle of the morning on top of the cabinets. not actually a strategic spot to answer a phone call but heck, i nearly toppled off the edge due to my happiness on hearing the great news.

after 2 years of endless efforts on applying for an apartment, i finally got one. i can tell you my mind wasn't thinking straight after that (ask my colleagues and friends, even they were like 'edde, are you ok?') no i wasn't ok. i was effing happy. i mean, i never felt that happy. of course there are other times but happiness like that happens once in a blue moon. i could've just ran all over Geneva butt-naked in the freezing cold, but yes, i am sane after all. so i could only muster up a cheerful smile.

everything changes now... change can be for good or can pick up bad things as well. i'll tell you that a bit later.

15.03.10, i received the keys to my new apartment. frankly, i couldn't remember how it looked like and that made me so excited. all i know that it was bigger (totally) compared to the studio apartment that i am currently living in. the price of course is a bit more higher, but that is normal. some people would say that is a hell of an amount to pay for an apartment... but people, come on... as Dorothy in Wizard of Oz would say, we ain't in Kansas anymore. let me translate that to proper English... ehem, THIS IS FRIGGIN GENEVA FOR GOD'S SAKE.

i hate people saying, 'oh its so expensive over here... ohh ohh i'm so not into this situation... oh ohh i don't like it here'... well tough luck asswipe. you get to complain like a bitch while i have to face all those shit for the rest of my life. people like me have to face it just to put food on the table for my family unlike you bitches who whine and never get satisfied with what you have... always wanting more but don't want extra work for it. so the next time you think that you have a hard time, think again coz some others go thru more and better yet, don't whine a lot and keep doing what they do best, to have a better life. sorry, at this moment of time i just have something on my nerves. so yeah, cut me some slack.

simply beautiful. its not too old and not too modern. i think it was made around the 1960s as most of the buildings in Geneva are. but the inside is just perfectly wonderful. what about the inside pictures? oh you know i like surprises... so ya'll just have to come over to see for yourself :) the lobby is just amazing. huge. and i live on the first floor, which is really helpful when furniture comes in. i wont have to worry about breaking my ass bringing up the stuff. my apartment is actually located on the back part so its perfectly calm as its not facing the main road. FYI, its busy at the front. the apartment is perfectly lit when the sun comes up and best part of all is that i have a simple balcony for me to relax when summer comes popping by.

to be continued...

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