Friday, April 30, 2010

. . . 4th Anniversary (^^,) . . .


words are easily said. easier also said time and time again... over and over again. and i do know how much you love hearing it no matter how infinitely many times i say it. words are my best companions which can express and show you how i feel. at times i dont understand though. i say it when i mean it but you don't believe me. i guess women have their own twisted way of thinking... or, i'm pretty much sure, that they're in love. so far i've managed to write it down... use a bit of sign language that you taught me (thank you sweetheart)... and of course, the usual way by saying it out loud coming directly from my heart.

words not only cause happiness... it can deviate itself to bring up sadness. at that moment, maybe i am to naive to notice or that its just my ego taking over... but here and now i apologize for all the wrong things. i am after all, human. but i do learn from my mistakes. your way to make me realise it, its fitting for me to say that i understand and get it more or less. there's still lots of things to get used to... especially getting to know you. as the saying goes, knowledge is still learnt no matter how long it takes. so bear with me, in trying to understand you.

in our story, i'm pretty much sure its not something new, being far apart. but i think it is for the best. i'm sure of that. i can't explain it exactly. but a wise man once said to me, not seeing each other too often, will make every second more specially appreciated when we are finally together physically. i've seen it happen, therefore i believe in it... as i believe in you. there's always that usual doubts coming to haunt our faithful hearts. but i'm pretty much confident that it doesn't make me crumble down as we have achieved the 4th (4 magical and unbelievably believable) year of being together as a pair of one.

see how much words i can put up? :) through the ups and downs... happiness and sadness... rain and sun... divided by the seas and continents... i still think its fitting to say:

i love you mama bear
i miss you

there won't be a universe
without U and I in it


Friday, April 9, 2010

. . . scrabble & chess . . .


i find anything that has got to do with physical work of the human body is totally irritating. i detest it completely. although i do have my moments where i have to exert them at their fullest potential and the result surprises me every time i manage to finish it, i.e. moving my stuff to my new apartment :)

what i love the most is mental challenges. somewhere once i heard that humans have yet to unlock the full use of the brain. i think it was like we are only using like not nearly 3/4 of it. i'm not sure, i'll get back to you on that. however, it is true, in God's miracle of creations, theres always something that is yet to be unfolded.

ok enough of that mind opening bullshit. what i really want to talk about is the ASEAN Scrabble and Chess tournament. held on separate days, apart from pool and bowling (although i detest it at times as it effs up my fingers... last time i effed up my foot), scrabble is the only game i participate in. i have yet to tryout chess as it seems so interesting. the best part of all is that i could hear myself think (well, i was watching but still it showed me the strategies made by players and made me wonder on why they do those moves).

basically it is a strategical game. one of which i love most but usually comes in the form of a video game like Final Fantasy. scrabble is strategy and ideas on words to create. last year i managed to go to the quarter finals... but alas, this year, i wasnt that lucky anymore. i was outsmarted and slightly outscored by another player.

if you cant beat them, at least make yourself a worthy adversary. and by God, i gave em hell. hehehe... but i really appreciated the other ASEAN colleagues for giving me a good time. it was absolutely hilarious. my group was really sticking to the rules and almost all the time had to check every word that we all created. another was so full of debates, it looked like lawyers trying to sue each other for the words they made, but in this case, it was full of comedic debates. d other two groups were in the world of their own but still had their moments of slight giggles and doubts. i heard that Pak Endut from the Indonesian Mission won (hes very good actually, my asshole nearly fell off when last year he made a killer move by placing his letter tiles on the triple word score).

the next day was about chess. this time, my colleague Fauzi takes his turn in the spotlight. it was a real surprise for me when i saw 3 kids going up against adults. not a sight that i always see in real life. i do know there r out there even younger but this was the first for me. 2 of them managed to go to the quarter finals. one was beaten by Fauzi but again, was a worthy adversary. i bet you that he could annihilate me with just three moves. or even by the power of their thought is enough to beat me. i dont even know where to begin. but, after a few hours of watching them play, i am fascinated by the mental efforts they think of to move the pieces as well as putting on a strategy and predicting their opponents move. its just one of those mental orgasms that i usually have when i see such coolness of people thinking their brains out. ahahaha! yes i have weird turn ons...

i went home early bcoz the game took a hell of a time to finish. Fauzi failed to win against another opponent (a young kid) but managed to squeeze thru to determine who will take the bronze medal. apparently, he won by mere luck when the loser of the finals decided to call it a day. wohooo!!! d first medal for the Brunei team. not bad for a start. at least we won something right? thats gotta count for something... it does in my book :)


Thursday, April 1, 2010