Friday, April 30, 2010

. . . 4th Anniversary (^^,) . . .


words are easily said. easier also said time and time again... over and over again. and i do know how much you love hearing it no matter how infinitely many times i say it. words are my best companions which can express and show you how i feel. at times i dont understand though. i say it when i mean it but you don't believe me. i guess women have their own twisted way of thinking... or, i'm pretty much sure, that they're in love. so far i've managed to write it down... use a bit of sign language that you taught me (thank you sweetheart)... and of course, the usual way by saying it out loud coming directly from my heart.

words not only cause happiness... it can deviate itself to bring up sadness. at that moment, maybe i am to naive to notice or that its just my ego taking over... but here and now i apologize for all the wrong things. i am after all, human. but i do learn from my mistakes. your way to make me realise it, its fitting for me to say that i understand and get it more or less. there's still lots of things to get used to... especially getting to know you. as the saying goes, knowledge is still learnt no matter how long it takes. so bear with me, in trying to understand you.

in our story, i'm pretty much sure its not something new, being far apart. but i think it is for the best. i'm sure of that. i can't explain it exactly. but a wise man once said to me, not seeing each other too often, will make every second more specially appreciated when we are finally together physically. i've seen it happen, therefore i believe in it... as i believe in you. there's always that usual doubts coming to haunt our faithful hearts. but i'm pretty much confident that it doesn't make me crumble down as we have achieved the 4th (4 magical and unbelievably believable) year of being together as a pair of one.

see how much words i can put up? :) through the ups and downs... happiness and sadness... rain and sun... divided by the seas and continents... i still think its fitting to say:

i love you mama bear
i miss you

there won't be a universe
without U and I in it


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