Wednesday, May 5, 2010

. . . happy birthday Mama Bear! . . .


seems to be that these few weeks, i have lots to celebrate about :) now comes the time to celebrate the birthday of the love of my life!

to my dearest Norismah, Happy Birthday!!!

i do understand (a bit) when it comes to celebrating something, especially birthday, they always want to be the first to greet or announce it. i took the liberty of doing that for the past 3 days :) yes it is corny in some ways but i guess thats what you get for being in love. you just tend to ignore it all just to show how much you really love and appreciate someone. so be it. i think now you can understand me a bit sweetie, yes i do forget most of the times... a wee bit blank as well... but one thing about you that i know pretty well is that you love surprises. although i do confess that its not much however, there's still a long road ahead. hence more time and chances that you'll experience more :)

i love you with every molecule of life that i have. others say, "if loving you is wrong, then i don't want to be right". i say, if loving you is wrong, i WILL STILL love you and make it right! Allah bless you always... my best prayers for the greatest best things to happen not only on your birthday, but forever and infinitely beyond. amin...


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