Friday, June 18, 2010

. . . AWRIGHHTTT!!! . . .


i've always been a mediocre fan of Naruto. cant say exactly though whether Sasuke or Naruto is better. its the same like those Twilight fans with their ¨team Edward¨ and ¨team Jacob¨thing (yes, as embarassingly mellow and mushy as it seems, i watch Twilight too... nothing to be ashamed of i guess when one like watching movies).

moving on...

before i ventured on dowloading and watching Naruto, but i slowly realized that reading the manga was way off better since they move much more further along. you kind of have to wait for the producers to make it into anime. last i checked, Naruto manga was already on chapter 100+ while the anime was still in the 70+ chapters. so might as well do the reading rather than wait for the anime. i do follow some other mangas although not really that much as Naruto. i'm still itching on his re-match with Sasuke again.

to the creator of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto, i thank you and appreciate the wonderful mind wonderland that you have given to me and the to the rest of Naruto fans. Gamabatte!


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