Thursday, October 21, 2010

. . . airsoft surgery . .


no no, noone is getting a surgery because they got hurt in airsoft games... i'm referring to my M4 replica as u can see below...

why take it apart? simple... i just want to know my weapon more better. see whats goin inside... how it works etc. a more probable answer is just that i have nothing to do. i find myself calm when i am immersed in such intricate creations.

so far so good. i haven't lost anything so far except for that darned plastic piece inside the hop up barrel. basically its where the bullets or plastic pellets loaded and stored or readied before it is shot out. sort of a transit place for the pellets.

replaced the (old) black hop-up to the metal hop-up

^^ finally got it together... such a painful b*tch to install. i spent around half an hour just to get the rubber guide into the new hop-up and another half hour to precisely shove the barrel in... then struggling to install the finer pieces. i do have some doubts about fitting it back to the main body of the M4 rifle... but i still insist on it to work properly. i might have to file some corners of the hop-up to fit the main body.

i still have some tools missing. especially the torx screwdriver and a fine hex allen key wrench... the dumbest part was ordering it online rather than going to the DIY shop... i guess i've been spending too much time with the computer =.=

two more upgrades was an addition of a red dot scope and crane stock! thanks to T-Rex, i replaced the original stock with a crane stock! ^^ altho it doesn't seem much, it has the 'cosmetic' appeal (so says T-Rex) and that i can use it to store my batteries in!

the scope wasn't that much big of a deal... i'm pretty much worried about the new batteries. originally my batteries was placed on the fore grip of the M4. now that i got the crane stock, i might have to do a little bit more of modifying and rerouting the wires. i can either open the gearbox or just reroute it from the outside (i'm still having this urge to open the gearbox... just to see how it tinkers and probably make some effort to make it run smoother).


ps. big ups and 'merci's to el-toniosky for giving me a lift to the airsoft shop... let me know when you go there again :)

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