Saturday, April 23, 2011

. . . say hello to my new friend . . .


M4 RIS is acting up again... i'm pretty upset at its performance now. i guess i have myself to blame for that for having too 'itchy' hands. but its a lesson learnt very well. now the big boy is sent over to be fixed at a French airsoft shop located in Annemasse.

from the first time i stepped into the shop, i was utterly amazed at its collection of guns and accessories. to say that it has everything, not really but thats no different from other shops. i am very happy with its service as it is run by those of my age so basically they know what my needs are when it comes to airsoft.

Tibo (i dont exactly know if that is the way to spell his name) is one of the guys looking after the shop, no idea if he owns it as well but he definitely has given me lots of good information about airsoft guns. i am also definitely looking forward to go against his team one day because i'm getting pretty much bored of playing in CEPTA almost all the time =.=

oh by the way...

his debut will be on the 1st May ;)

moms' really gonna kill me now =.= but then again i had already intended on getting it way back when i began to really gain interest in airsoft. this time, if any problems occur (touch wood) i'll definitely send it over to Annemasse. one time is enough. phew...


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