Monday, June 6, 2011

. . . itchy fingers . . .


yes... the gamer is back again!!! ^^ basically back dated on games but hey, ain't nuthin' wrong, eyh?

spent hours playing on this shit... well, more of dying brutally rather than finishing. after leaving the PS3 for a while for the dust particles to collect, i finally picked up the joystick and started playing again. after downloading the movies, Dead Space: Downfall and Dead Space: Aftermath, i became intrigued with the story line. Dead Space has a remarkable resemblance or playability that i came upon when playing my all-time favorite (as well as a heart-stopper) game, Resident Evil. except that Dead Space is carried out in... space. DUH!

anyway, games like these heighten the happy child inside me but my so-called braveness isn't what it used to be. i tend to squeal and get shocked more often. i don't know whether games nowadays packs a punch in them or its just me being a scaredy cat... :P this shit always manages to scare the very soul outta me. my mouth puckers in sync with my anus just by the sheer anxiousness that i experience every time i move into a dark corner. i physically have to put on happy music just so that i won't be scared when i listen to its realistic sound effects and suspense music.

so, gonna get back to it. wish me luck! (rather, wish i don't die of shock...)

sigh... so true... so very true :(


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