Sunday, January 8, 2012

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i wish i was a young blooded teenager again. that way i could play my games like 24/7 without having a headache or keep peeing for every 5 minutes thru the game. i confess that out of the 20-30 titles of games (PS3, Xbox and Wii) i've only managed to complete probably like 5 or 7 of them. i can never have that urge to finish it one at a time. i skip from game to game not remembering where i left off. the worse part i guess is getting used to or remembering the d-pad instructions. especially between the Xbox and PS3 as they are quite similar.

Splinter Cell Conviction
GOD! this game is friggin' amazing...

so far i've been religiously playing GTAIV, Dead Space 2 and Splinter Cell Conviction. Dead Space 2 being my most favorite but least played. not that its hard. not that its boring. not that i don't have time to play it. frankly, i am scared to play it. the suspense and horror gives me the nightmares. i remember once playing it in the middle of the night and i swear, i heard a noise from the kitchen that sounded like one of the Necromorphs. the hair on the back of my head stood up, confirming the cowardliness. yes, at this age, i am not akin to horror games anymore. i used to be scared of Resident Evil. not the ones nowadays, back when it was popular in the first Playstation. but i really want to play games as much as i can. because only here at this moment of time in my life, absolutely no one is there to stop me (sorry Mum and Dad). most people say gamers don't have a life and are losers or barred from the social world. i disagree. i can't say for all gamers since i am not hardcore but i definitely can say that i am not like that description. for some others that i see (usually in Youtube) are crazy and waste their life playing games... thats them. and personally i don't care. i play to enjoy and fill my time. and i certainly don't waste my life.

for the past several months, i've been following closely to a guy that plays games, records them and puts in commentary while he plays. i found him while i was surfing for walkthroughs (yes, i choose the easier way to complete a game by knowing it first, then playing it... so what? its my choice) thru Youtube. his name is Vash12349. he does a great job in playing. he does have his moments of dying or glitches or messing up... but i love the fact that his commentary makes the corners of my mouth bleed because of laughter. he is so hilarious. have a black dude do something, its always hilarious. don't believe me? you want an example? watch Fresh Prince of Bel Air. but first you gotta understand comedy (as well as messy English). if i sound racist, i do apologise sincerely and truthfully. but what i mean is, black people are geniuses when it comes to comedy. i love the way they talk. there's a certain swagger to it. search him on Youtube, watch and listen. i am sure you will have, as i would quote from him, a bootleg time!

it was really my dumb luck of finding out the ingredients. i've been longing for kolo mee for so very... uh... long. i have this knack of being really trying to make something close to how i remember it to be. be it from my past or from my insane ideas in mind (this includes my very own clothes rack that i seriously wanted to fit into my closet... i'll tell you that a bit later). a lot of my experiments are on food. i said it before and i'll say it again, i absolutely love food. but by far, this kolo mee that i made really surprised (yet annoyed) me a lot!

not that i actually know what ingredients are used. i seriously tried my best surfing the net and looking for the best recipes for kolo mee but after trying it all, it didnt satisfy me at all. my theory is that it comes in two most important parts; the noodles and sauce. the sauce is fairly easy but the noodles were really a bother. i tried several noodles including spaghetti. i have this theory too that the noodles used for kolo mee are specially made noodles specifically made for kolo mee recipe. if anyone out there disagrees (or better yet, knows the real recipe) please do let me know.

but of course, the best way to know it, is simply by asking a cook from a local restaurant. i would've tried that but unfortunately, the quest for making kolo mee came only when i stepped out of the country. its is true, once you live out of your normality, it is really hard to adapt... this is so true when it comes to food. as the Brunei Malays would say, "tais liur" which means you want to eat something which is not available at that moment. i seriously miss the food from my own country... but so far i've managed to make my own 'organised' and 'copying' food (recipes). again, not exact but i vouch that it tastes close.

i'm not sure what type of noodles they are but i call them as 'fresh handmade noodles'. none of those dry noodles or ramen. boiled for 5 minutes, strain and rinse with cold water. for the sauce, i just used broth from the 'Hainanese Chicken Rice' i made before (i still have yet to try it with chicken cube stock or chicken granules, particularly those made in Asia e.g. Knorr or Maggi... the similar branded ones i find here are okay but i think its more to the basic chicken stock with added parsley, carrots etc. basically non-Asian way. i have no idea if there is such Asian or European or American way of making broths. if only my tongue can explain i would let it tell you why it finds it different...).

copied from the net... not the actual kolo mee i made...
but it looks close enough :)

to that broth, i add sesame oil and light soy sauce. i leave it up to the others out there to balance the taste out or to put in how much they want. i tried to reinforce the taste by quick frying garlic in oil then putting in the sauce. i let it be runny and quite soupy as i like my kolo mee having a bit more sauce. then add the noodles. and there it is... kolo mee. i made so much, it could've fed 3 people. but in my math, that is equal to eating just for myself...


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