Wednesday, January 11, 2012

. . . it really makes a difference . . .


a cool enfant terrible of cookery

surf around his Youtube clips on the net, his techniques seems really basic and simple. nothing much out of the ordinary. nothing fancy as far as i've seen. i have yet to look around and see his past works in the kitchen but for now, i will emphasize his simple, yet works very well, usage stock cubes (ones that you would find in any market nowadays to help you do soups etc).

he uses Knorr brands on most of his cooking, be it stock cubes or pastes. i wasn't actually interested much since i only use stock cubes in a few of my cooking. its usually the basic black pepper, salt, chopped veges and so on.

but what got my attention was the way he made a simple minute steak... what happened to me next, as you can imagine, was a rush to get an ample collection of stock cubes, stock pots... anything that will help me answer my insane curiosity. yes, when it comes to food, i waste no time to make my palette satisfied!

have a look...

... and have a go.

i found myself amused and amazed and awed.

bien joué Monsieur White...


PS. i also recently found out that Gordon Ramsay was one of his culinary students and made him cry... how bad ass can one be to make a foul mouth bad ass cry? not really a guy i want to work with but will definitely try his personally-made dishes if i was given a chance...

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