Tuesday, January 10, 2012

. . . its here!!! . . .


finally after 5 years of wishing, it came true and here it is... now my heart is at ease and i am only left with a wishful heart that my bank account suddenly has tons of cash to let me spend on whatever i want that i can find in that store...

lo and behold... *angelic music playing in the background*

situated in Rue de Zurich, Geneva

i almost went on my knees and cried while holding one of the Originals shoes... hahaha! yes i am an avid fan of Adidas although i do like other brands too *cough*cheaper*cough* but i've been eyeing so many things from it. i love the Originals collection. makes me feel like Snoop Dogg in a way... :P

i seriously wished for one store to open up in Geneva. since i see lots of teens around here do love this brand as well. the first branch i saw was in Zurich a few years ago and i also heard that there was one in Lausanne. of course, both places are too far from where i live. i'm not gonna waste too much money just to get a pair of shoes. but now that its here... hmmm... there is still space in my shoes cabinet... *sigh* the happiness that comes along with pain... you can expect me buying one very soon :)


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