Thursday, January 12, 2012

. . . no PS4, about Apple and lastly, Alienware . . .


saw it thru the CNN site on how its not over yet for the Playstation 3. apparently i've heard and read about upbeat rumors of the impending arrival of the Playstation 4 this year. but now Sony says they're going to extend another few years (it was reported for another 5 years or so) before introducing the 4th generation of the Playstation.

my comment on it, thank goodness and SLOW THE EFF DOWN for God's sake! i mean come on! its bad enough that i have to cough up money just to get the Playstation 3 a few years back. heck it even took me a while on getting the Wii and Xbox. now i'm on the verge of getting me a gaming rig (PC) as i am having these "i have to get me one of those!" moments.

Apple products are killing me as well. to date, i just have two; the MacBook Pro and the iPhone 3Gs. yes i am a bit backdated, that i don't mind. but seriously, every so often i hear Apple releases a new product, i have urges of getting it as soon as possible... which most of the time, i don't understand my own brain on why i want those stuff.

i end up questioning and arguing with myself (yes i am insane, that i agree wholeheartedly) on why i should waste my time (especially money) on stuff that i know will only take at least a year to be 'the in-thing' before another new product pops up. Apple for one thing i find out, is not giving room to breathe for customers. but thats my own opinion. other tech-freaks out there don't mind hoarding all new products (even queueing up a day before the real release outside the stores) as soon as it's available. it always struck an awe in me on how motivated and crazy at the same time a human being could be just to get their hands on the latest products.

i have my thoughts on Steve Jobs' passing but i'd rather keep it to myself (i don't want the verbal wrath and threats of Apple geeks...)

now theres the oncoming event for the iPad 3 release. goodness gracious. i was so near of getting the iPad 2 but i successfully pulled back my insanity. i feel pity to those who bought the iPad 2 just a few months ago. but then again, like the crazy humans will always be, they will eventually buy it within a heartbeat. i'm still measuring my thoughts on getting or leaving it and getting other stuff that i really do need. like a mop for instance. or a spare blanket. yes i don't have a mop yet. yes i am a very sad lunatic.

but thats just me :) i love how i ridicule my own stupidity. its the highlight of entertaining myself.

oh have a gander at this...

thinking about it just give me pleasurable chills... the thought of having it makes me drool like a puppy but the sheer cost of getting it (not including a monitor, keyboard etc... just the CPU itself) just takes the life out of me...


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