Thursday, February 16, 2012

. . . couch potato . . .


never a good idea to be a tv junkie, but with the tv shows that are available today, its totally impossible not to just waste hours sitting in front fo the tv/computer while stuffing junk food up your (mouth) hole. ask me about which ones i like... totally impossible to name just one. my genres extend to various choices depending on the story line of the show. i have not yet tried reality shows as i find them mostly plastic and induce cringing moments e.g. Kardashians, Jersey Shore or even American Idol and X-Factor. never been much of a fan for those although i do sometimes have a quick look through.

i also find them a bit of degrading my mentality (well, i think if you see all my tv series and movie collection, probably thats the reason why i am already a bit more mental than usual)... some of the shows that i've been watching religiously;

Hawaii 5-0
Lost Girl
The Walking Dead
World Wrestling Entertainment (from birth till i die)
How I Met Your Mother
Top Gear UK
The Vampire Diaries (not as cringing as Twilight)
Warehouse 13
Person of Interest
X-Files (never too boring to see it all over again)

a few more titles that i'm currently new to...

i feel that there is a good resemblance of Lost in this series plus me likey the actress... rawr! and that i've always been a great fan of mystery and investigations (but i couldn't catch up to CSI much since i found their ways are rather way too advanced for me to comprehend)

i loathed the production of Paranormal Activity movies but this one was quite a thrill. at least i could see what is coming and what they are running from.

since i've also begun to indulge on Korean variety series, this one definitely caught my attention as well as laughter. i must admit not every single episode is my favorite. they have their boring moments as well but in general, it does fascinate me on their brilliant ideas and concepts. i am a big fan of the main character, Yoo Jae Suk as he is a very good comedian in Korea. plus i have been watching him since his Family Outing days (another great Korea variety show).

this morning i was doing my routine checkup on news (more like entertainment news) and found an article about a newly appointed (?) series that will be appearing soon. its a production os a series about Hannibal Lecter! i am sooooooooooo gonna wait and watch for this. i am dying to see a great movie made into a series. i hope they bring it as good as the movie(s). and i really do hope they cast in suitable actors and actresses because i know for a fact, that noone can muster up the genius psychopath persona like Sir Anthony Hopkins...


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