Tuesday, February 7, 2012

. . . its freezing . . .


i was like a common Asian from a tropical country, who longed for snow. always wondering how beautiful it is when it snows... all white and pure... surely fluffy and gentle, promising an idea of making a snow angel on a bed of thick snow. i longed to get into snow gear and go skiing gracefully in the mountains as well as making a fat snowman and throwing snowballs at my friends, laughing.

reality? eff it. eff that and eff the friggin' snow. effing hell its cold!

okay okay so it spoils your idea of a white winter. you may curse me for ruining your imaginations but let me tell you this, consider it an advanced notice and advice. when they say its cold and windy (and also its in the minus eg. -5... -10) brace yourself with warm clothes, especially wind breakers (any clothing that can repel the wind).

5 minutes walking through the snow and wind is like walking through thorny bushes. not pretty. yes of course you can still make snow angels, play snowballs... but come on. get your common sense on. you can tell between a good winter day and a bad winter day. so don't take my words as pure judgement. i can be wrong too but in this case, in this moment of time, the weather is just unforgiving for those who do not heed to warnings.

taken from 3471family blog

the picture above gives you an ample amount of evidence on how cold it is here in Geneva this month.


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