Wednesday, January 2, 2013

. . . video games . . .


i am not very good at it. but i definitely love it up until now. my first purchase was the most memorable yet also sad as i don't have it anymore to cherish. the Playstation was (and still is) a big hit. and it came very useful especially when Ramadhan came around. though it wasn't appreciated by my parents, i pressed on playing video games up until today.

my only regret was selling my first Playstation console. but hard times always pushes me to let go some of the best things i've ever had.

the top games that i love and that i wish so badly to play again; Tekken, Final Fantasy 7, Crash Bandicoot, Metal Gear Solid and the most desirably amazing (to me), Xenogears. i tend to be more on the RPG side. i dabbled with racing games, arcade games, first person shooters... etc but those 5 games still remain close to my heart.

Tekken will always be Tekken. so goes to Final Fantasy. i haven't seen any updates on Crash Bandicoot and Xenogears hasn't resurfaced with any sequels so far (but i'm still hoping).

nowadays games are far more advanced especially when it comes to graphics. i admit that i am old and that the games today make my head spin. i can never go more than 3 hrs without having 10 minute breaks in between.

basically, the role of this post is to express my frustrations on gaming regulations. no i am not rebelling to getting them illegally nor am i being too educated on games. i am merely frustrated at regional settings and the fact that most games are only distributed in certain areas in the world. i mean, shouldn't everyone have the right to play all games regardless of where they are? and for thr love of gaming, why the hell don't they sell english games everywhere?

i am only saying this because for the past 5 years i have been buying them outside of Swiss (no problems on that and i don't mind) and the fact that theres only 1 out of 50 games sold here are dubbed in english. yes i know it would be easier if i learned french more but come on... if gaming companies are already profiting from the games they sell, why not produce or market more of english games in other countries. and stop it with the region limits!

i have so far bought around 5 games online and downloaded them and automatically it downloads french dubs. which really frustrates me. argh!

primarily, i blame region limit settings. just have one region, worldwide. is that so much to ask? i thought technology changes was supposed to make peoples' lived easier and fun...

i sincerely wish there was a solution to this region limit crap.


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