Sunday, February 17, 2013

. . . desires of the taste buds . . .


dear Allah, for the love of life and its gifts of food... i love food. so much so it will kill me ever so quickly if i don't give it a caring attention.

i've so far been physically (and mentally) experimenting in healthy living. not that i do follow it strictly. i do have my flaws as i am not perfect in every way but i have made a tremendous amount of achievement(s) throughout the past 3-5 months.

as you've read from my previous post a while back, i started to get into supplement intakes. mostly protein and bodybuilding supplements. no i am not going to pump my body like other muscle heads. my main point was to build a leaner (semi-ripped) body, but most of all, lose weight. i've lost approximately 15kgs. so far i haven't managed to go below 71kgs (current weight). most probably its my limit weight or maybe i need to push harder. but frankly i am happy with this. as i said, i'll reveal the end result by June 2013, InsyAllah...

lately, after a few days of recovering from being sick. not only my sleeping patterns have effed up, so did my appetite. i found myself horribly hungry in the early mornings as if i hadn't had any food the day before. well... technically i didn't eat as much too. and i had to stop taking in supplements and protein shakes as i needed more solid and filling food so that my body could have the energy to fight back the flu that i had.

my mind is now set on food. and i fear i might end up scarfing food at an overdosed rate. but so far i have maintained a very good discipline on food intakes. vegetables, grains and lean meat. been quite broke so i had to revert to eating canned tuna or cheap cuts of meat though... but its not that bad as long as you know how to limit it in various aspects.

to me, the most important is the taste... then comes the appearance and lastly beneficial nutrients.

as an asian, i can never be far apart from salt, soy sauce and oil. i think they are like the holy trinity in asian cooking. no i am not saying its a strong fact, its just my opinion, thats all. and i must say it can be quite dangerous especially when you count in the sodium intake factor.

and being in Europe, i somehow attained the knack of taking in huge amounts of caffeine. especially from energy drinks and coffee. so much so that nowadays the back of neck seems to get quite tense after a dose of coffee. probably a reminder that i need to trim down on caffeine.

since i have been on a fasting period on red meat and chicken, i have commenced since the past week to have urges on becoming a carnivore. and it even influenced my surfing habits. watching endless cooking videos on YouTube...

out of the millions of videos, there is one particular thing i want to get my hands (and teeth) on... i present to you...

cote de beouf

dear God it looks fantastic... its a piece of cuisine art! its equivalent to a Rolls Royce to the culinary world... in my words that is. i saw this once at the butcher back in France but still untrimmed from the ribs. i can't remember how much it costs but normally this would be quite an expensive cut of meat.

it would be my ultimate goal of purchasing this cut and i would cook it with tender care before sinking my teeth into it. i'll probably be getting it end of this month once the bank account is 'energized'... hehehehe... i never had this cut and i am determined to conquer it soon.

for now, i can only think of...

 Doner Kebab

typically a poor man's choice when funds are quite low. costing around 7 - 20 francs a dish, it does comfort my hungry times. the first few months of living alone in Geneva, i tried going vegetarian. didn't work that well. i couldn't stand living like a rabbit. thankfully, Geneva has a number of Muslim restaurants. most being Turkish Kebab joints apart from Indian cuisines. this was probably a special weekend menu for me for a few years before starting my healthy food regime. but back in the days, i used to chow down on what they called an Assiette easily. basically its a plate full of meats with a side of green salad, hummus, garlic yoghurt sauce and homemade chilli sauce. such a filling comfort food. although now it seems i cant finish it and by the time i am full, i felt like i needed a hose down shower in the car wash. you simply stink of meat grease (more so if you opt for the lamb meat).

i'll probably do a small post on the kebab joints here, InsyAllah as well as my culinary adventure on making the perfect cote de beouf :)


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