Wednesday, June 12, 2013

. . . sausage making? curing beef? . . .


yeah i know. such a huge leap from gaming to culinary arts on meat. my attention span on one thing changes ever so quickly. but its not like a series of psychotic moods or crazy mindsets... (hmm... although i am sanely insane). but anyways yeah, its some sort of my side project along with the other projects i wanna do just to have something to do while wasting my life away alone here in Geneva.

but goodness gracious its really such a chore. aight so maybe i should explain from the beginning on why actually i've abruptly chosen this path amongst other paths that i'm taking. no doubt my intentions are still to build a pc. but looking at the situation (dead broke!) that leaves me unable to do about it soon, i decide to concentrate on other paused plans.

so. everybody knows bacon. bacon actually refers to cured meat regardless of any animal... but its commonly known to belong to pigs. a process of drying, dry aging, keep it for a long period of time to consume in the following days. considered as a ¨food saving¨method by many different people in many countries around the world. but the public nowadays choose to understand bacon to be cured meat derived from only the pig. hence, to Muslims, makes it an inedible or ¨haram¨or plainly, not to be consumed by Muslims at all due to religion matters.

not really a good example but putting a picture of pure bacon
gave me a strange feeling... but you get the gist

the media and internet plays a huge part on promoting the damned pig product. which frustrates me because i am easily convinced that it taste good. no no... as hungry as i am, i respect myself and my religion too much to just straight forward eat pork. yes i have eaten it, but not by choice. a common case of mistaken assumptions. happens to me so many times. making me doubtful to eat out and choosing to stay home and make my own food with the products that i know are given the okay to eat.

thus, sort of, made me have this inner voice saying... hang on, why not experiment on making my own bacon using Halal products? i''ve made Belutak before which is more or less similar to curing meat! and kaboom bang bang powww... challenge accepted.

in retrospect, with the experience of making Belutak, my theory is to use a good cut of meat with good amount of fat and special salts used for dry aging meat. when i realised curing meat can also lead to making sausages, it got my brain ticking again... why not make home made sausages too? hmmmm. challenge added and accepted!

no no. not those processed meat sausages. thats too... artificial. i'm talking about pure meat and fat from the animal. manual labor. the very essence of making homemade sausages. intricate yet interesting!

seems ugly when uncooked but it will be amazing!
i promise you. no no, the picture is an example... i didn't make that...

the somewhat proper way of smoking meat in a steel leak-proof cabinet

most likely i'll be doing it like this... on my balcony or even in my
kitchen nearby the window....

so, i haven't started on it. surprised? well i did say i was dead broke. and meat is expensive especially when you want the good cut. a kilo of chicken was 15.40 francs. a slice of cote de beouf costs almost 30 francs depending on how heavy it is.... and to that i say damn. not to mention the fact that its hard to obtain that sausage tubing (in French its called Boyaux). its far better to use the intestines of animals but there is an option of using vegetable or plant based (artificial tubing).

then theres that matter of smoking it. i am an avid BBQ guy. i find it amazing and fun to watch charcoal cook meat slowly. smoking beef and sausages are another matter. a delicate matter. it involves the insertion of wood flavors into meats... fantastic. that matter is also a problem since i live in an apartment. not impossible but it ain't a good idea to do a full on BBQ smoking if you don't have the proper equipment.

but yeah... that project is paused too. sucks eh? tell me about it... but sooooooooonnn my precioussss...


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