Saturday, August 9, 2014

. . . minor updates . . .


terminator 2 is playing in the background while i'm updating as well as researching reviews on games... (Insurgency - got it for free, apparently an offer on Steam now - and Arma 3)... i'm not sure this counts as multitasking. maybe multitasking on procrastinating?

really should get used to this keyboard. been on the MacBook for too long, separate physical keyboards seems foreign to my fingers.

had lots of hiccups throughout half of the year and kinda ignored this blog for quite a while. i have no intention on closing it yet although i really need to consider on "proper security" on my free-speech (as we know, there is no such thing).

but anyway, since i've started back on pc gaming (probably try and get the other consoles running especially during the weekends when work doesn't interrupt too much), i should be able to produce more posts (lots of em in fact and there would be a tremendous amount of pictures InsyAllah).

so sit back, relax... move on to what you were doing after reading this and come back from time to time to see if i really do keep my promises :3


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