Friday, August 15, 2014

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although i feel it was just an Asian version of GTA, Sleeping Dogs managed to catch my attention aaaaand.... now that i've already finished wasting a few weeks of my life playing Sleeping Dogs (not involving the DLCs)... its time to move onto the next game(s) in line (among the hundreds that i have which i haven't played yet).

 Wei Shen as the protagonist of the game

along the way, as it is with most games themed like Sleeping Dogs, things got repetitive... quite a bit interesting at some points. i hate the racing parts especially because you ALWAYS start off the slowest and just plough your way to win (which eventually happens at most times if you concentrate enough to prevent yourself from being stuck or clip a sharp corner).

story-wise was awesome. kinda gives an 'ode' feeling to the Infernal Affairs movie(s) which i love and still watch it from time to time. its is quite short if you just stick to the storyline avoiding all the mini-quests that you can do along the way. i'm still confused between the green and blue story-markers... i think the blue is the main. or was it the green. anyhow, awesome game, give it a try if you get bored of GTA.

now!... the next game.

Alice: Madness Returns

roughly played around 5-7 hours of it since last Sunday while i was waiting for Max Payne 3 to finish downloading (which finished today!!! damn the heavy downloading traffic). surprisingly it really worked out my PC - by the way, i will do a separate post on that as i've been facing a few problems with it the past few months - especially on the graphics. funny to say so because i didn't think it would give much of a heavy effect after altering some settings. by far, there has been one time that the game suddenly hanged and reverted back to my desktop. friggin' annoying but to play it for more than 3 hours, i guess i let it slide...

kind of a new play for me since its all dark and gloomy yet full of black humor. and the animations are amazing and the voice overs are attention grabbing (as i love to hear English accents especially the Scots and Irish). story-wise... still trying to wrap my head around it as it supposedly after Alice in Wonderland. plus the Alice in Wonderland that i knew was all Disney based. so yeah, a different kinda feel but in a excitingly sordid kinda way... i guess.

i still have yet to finish my replay of Final Fantasy 7 and 8... both on PSP, and theres one other that i forgot the title. oh gosh, now that i mention that... the PS3-XBox-Wii games... oh wow, i think i need to stop impulsive game purchases.... urgh.


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