Sunday, August 10, 2014

. . . random movie review . . .


probably a first out of many more to come. but a little heads up to all of you, i am not a movie goer. since it cost 20-25 francs just to watch a movie here, i can't help be offended by it and i have had more than once experience of watching lame movies. thus not profiting from the payment i made, and that doesn't even include the movie snacks which can total up to 50 or 80 bucks depending on how hungry you are before watching the movie.

although, recently i've discovered the joy of IMAX (yes, like i said, i am not a movie goer hence i'm not well informed on movie updates) and would really recommend it. 3D is overrated and the glasses (for someone who already has 4 eyes) really do annoy me as i couldn't sync my vision with the 3D glasses.

IMAX Balexert

and don't even get me started on HD. as i've said to and obscure amount of HD douche bags, i don't give a flying fuck on how sharp or clear or how high def the size and shape of the pimple on an ugly ass face you can see when watching movies in HD. as long as its clear, audio is also good... and most of all, a great storyline, i am all good for it.

which brings me to the movie i wanted to review.

as far as i am concerned (to everyones' mutual agreement) i am averagely terrible at French. i can get by (i'm being honestly modest actually) for the last 7 or so years in Switzerland. i've learned a good deal of the language as much as i can catch the attitude (i will probably say a lot on that on future posts).

no it isn't a religious story. i would say... a really tame version of Scarface. without the ridiculous amount of crack cocaine, guns... badly tight suits, less hairy chests on low cut shirts...

to be short and informative, you can find out about it here.

Tahar Rahim played the character Malik El Djebena really ridiculously good. i think the French has this amazing ability to do a "Cannes"-eque (the film festival Cannes i mean) like movies or dramas. heck, Cannes is French based anyway. or call it dramatically artistic. fact is, its a great film and the story is attention grabbing.

in my eyes and understanding, the film has closely and quite at numerous times touched on religion. Islam. i have no doubt that back in my homeland, this film wont even make it through the border. but thats the way on how reality is. fronted media or basic information is just... a front and basic. take it from me, and i am still trying to get used to it, religion in this continent, applies to other religion as well... doesn't make a big deal when money is involved. i know it probably doesn't make sense to you and i don't want to elaborate on it too much as i am also trying to wrap my head around it. theres just more than meets the eye.

back to the movie. El Djebena rises from an unknown rascal to a big time thug-dealer. most of the times showing his ups and downs to the top while being on two sides of factions inside a prison. 

kinda gives a hint of GTA and Sleeping Dogs to it. to those who are active in the gaming lingo, you will be nodding your head in understanding what i am conveying to you :)

this is probably the first ever French movie that i have adored. i've watched it several time. the main purpose is of course, to learn the language but with more expression rather than the usual black and white way of learning at school. its the same as any language, theres always various ways to learn. verbal communication with the public... books and so on. i find it easier to learn via music and tv.

another two French films that has managed to grab my attention...

you can click over the pictures to find out more about it. if you want my short summary on it... well, both films includes pretty girls.


thats... it. what more can i say? xD just a fair word of advice for the 'clean sighted'... have a look on WRITTEN reviews or info on La Vie d'Adèle before you choose to watch it.

et c'est la fin mes enfants. à bientôt, a´la prochaine... et bon journeé :)


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