Tuesday, August 26, 2008

. . . mission sambal belacan . . .


ok, aku kai bahasa milayu berunai ku mbuat post ani. padanya ku milayu atu jua... lelaki melayu terakhir... LOLs...!!! campur sikit bahasa kapal terbang lah ah. sekali sekala jua...

kemarin lupa jua ku add about aku mbuat sambal belacan ani. syiok nyamu, terasa jua susah payah mnutuk2 naindah kai lasung batu yg ku baru bali dari IKEA atu (promo2...) murah nyanta, baru ku tlarah bjumpa lasung batu d Geneva ani. ada plg ati kn mbali blender atu gnya tampat ku tinggal ani mudah trip karan nya. ntah, mebe sal fius nya tu rendah frequency x jua.

anyway, lps ku buka dari plastik nya (masih bbungkus ani bah...) n also ku kumpul semua lah bahan2 utk sambal belacan ani. bah kaum Adam, jgtnth malu2 kn mbca ingredients yg ku catit ani. ndakan bini2 saja kn masak. byk2 chef ddunia ani lelaki jua, mana bleh turun tender! kalau salah luruskan ah, tpi setau ku bahan2 ani yg slalu dgunakan leh my mama (i miss you mom n dad *teary eyes*) berbangga lah utk anak anda yg udah mahir (mihir ada jua lah) membuat sambal belacan...

1. lada merah/ijau (mau padas pakai lada thailand, gerenti tarus ke jamban...)
2. belacan (putung kiub or biar licak so sng nutuk)
3. aing limau (purut-kapas... asal masam)

apa lagi ah...

4. gula secukup rasa
5. bwg puteh & merah
6. halia (optional)

sng saja, tutuk saja lada lati2... together sama bwgs, gulas n belacans. aing limau tu tuang secukupnya. oh yeah, sediakan jua segala tisu, pelap, tuala, goggle utk nyelamatkn diri anda sendiri serta sekeliling kita.

kdiaku ani, ada jua merah mata, menangis2 (kepadihan) n also blagas2 nutuk2 belacan atu (supaya inda bbau baju) baik jua belacan atu inda tlampau power, mun nda, brandam stgh jam ku arah aing mawar.


PS. nada gambar... sal abis ku mkn sbelum ngambar! nyaman x ahh...

Monday, August 25, 2008

. . . laundry . . .


such a cursed blessing to have washing/drying machines up in this part of the world. especially for me who is so lazy at doing laundry. just to give u an idea: up where i live now (kind of a small hotel-ish apartment) they provide 4 machines, 2 washing n 2 drying... varies depends on where/which apartment-building u live in. both machines i love n hate. each person renting the apartment is given a chance (f they want) to use the machines by buying a card which has a chip... kind of those cards that look like our Bruneian IDs except that its white without any fancy designs or writing. for 50 francs, the card is pre-programmed to hold 200 units or points that will be used for the laundry.

say like for 30 mins of washing will cost u 5 points. they have numerous choices with numerous point charges. being the cheapskate i am (n proud of it) i tend to use each point as if it was precious time & money (whereby it is in this case).

for 200 units i could do 2 months of laundry, which means once a week i do d laundry obviously.

in each month, i have never missed to encounter at least 1-2 problems. usually with the machines; either the meter is fucked up or... the machine itself is fucked up (not surprising coz theres like more than a hundred ppl living in the building n each person has their own brutal tactics of using the machines. me? i treat the machines like it is my own, swear to God n cross my heart)... so, last Saturday, after finishing one batch of laundry i continued to another. now a new problem has occured, whereby the meter wont register my card. keeps saying that my card was invalid! fucking hell... i still had like 60 points left. this came to a double whammy coz my clothes was stuck in there... shit cupcakes...

i wanted to ask for help but its already like 2am (yeah i do my laundry VERY early) n i dont want to cause a racket to d ppl sleeping. even waiting for someone to come down n do their laundry was also not a good option coz i noe for a fact that most ppl stop doing laundry at 10pm. i stood there like a fucking idiot for nearly an hour, shoving the card in n out of d meter hoping it could register.

i shoved it in n out so many times, i think it might have ejaculated or had an orgasm... hehehehe... i like making funny jokes in d middle of pressure.

with God's dear grace, d meter somehow registered d card n in a split second i clicked open the machine door n pulled out my clothes. i wanted to try it again but i didnt want to end up another hour shoving the card. so much for 'conveniences' ... i swear, if that machine had a neck, i'd choke it to near death for the troubles it cost me. just near death... i still want it to live so that i can do my laundry next week n d week after n so on n so forth...


Monday, August 18, 2008

. . . the push that makes me move . . .


it was already hard enuf for me to leave my mum n dad behind early this year. i went off to improve my life in another country. i could remember seeing dad go into teary eyes for the first time in my life, and my mother bursting into tears of both joy n also pain as she looked on her only son go into the departure hall. the first few months, i couldnt bear on how much i miss them both. i have been with them, through the rain n sun for 24 long years n for the first time in my life, i have to part with them to become a man they wished me for.

dad, pak sumadi (a friend from madura), amit mohd (dad's brother)

mom, tangah hjh, pak sumadi's wife, amit hjh

there has not been a day that has passed by where i dont think about them. my mum n dad r d type of people who dont voice out their problems. sundays are the worst, as always i tend to spend indoors most sundays. sleeping, eating n watching movies i downloaded the previous week. theres owes that time where i stare out the window n look up d sky wondering what mum n dad are doing.

'you got problems, solve it yourself' was what my father always say to me every time we run through hardships. i am so proud of my family that we never actually asked anyone for help. theres only me, mum n dad. well, usually its me n dad to make do all d work, mum prepares the energy (food) for us to think. heheheh... i love my mom's cooking. no jamie oliver, gordon ramsay nor nigella lawson can beat her. i bet my life on it.

i miss my moms cooking
i miss d laughter of us every time we sit n joke around
i miss d time we go through
i miss my family
i only got two 'permanent wealth' of my life, mum n dad.
no currency or gold can buy them from me.

i love you, mom n dad. this is to you. oh, n i am still astonishedly thrilled of the fact that mom can now use sms msgs n dad can master msn like a pro (^^,) kudos!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

. . . darkest (k)night . . .


i dont give a rats ass what other critics say about Heath Ledger, to me he's EFFING AWESOME! Dark Knight was the best movie that i have seen so far. ITS EFFING GREAT. Heath brought acting to another level. screw those who don't think he doesnt deserve an oscar. to me, hes gotten more than a small golden statue. i'm so sad that he passed away, rest in peace Heath. i dont care if i go Brokeback on him, I LOVE HEATH. he got me on the edge of my seat. ive never seen such astounding acting. to hell with heroes n goodie good guys, i love being bad. hehehehe... thats the Joker i wanna see.

i dont have any doubts that Dark Knight would be the best movie this 2008. i do hope that movie goers wont see this movie just bcoz the fact that its his last movie. other movies he's been in was absolutely fabulous as well. Heath is not dead, he lives in us everyday as long as the movie industry is still up. the Two-Face actor (cant remember his name, sorry) was up to the task as well. from there i know that theres gonna b more of Batman to come. i even heard rumors that Johhny Depp is gonna play The Riddler in the next movie (i think).

i took the chance again to see Dark Knight at the Orange Cinelac. i was really crossing my finger n toes that it wont go bad as it did when they showed the X-Files a few weeks ago. Alhamdulillah it was all good n i enjoyed it. i even had their yummy free ice cream delights. its a good thing that i ate it early coz coem nighttime, it was freaking cold. it was like winter all over again (not too wintery cold but cold enough to bite ur bone) its a good thing that the movie was great coz it took my mind off the cold. once the movie finished, i dashed out to the get to the last bus. unfortunately, the next tram was already off duty so i had to walk all d way back home, shivering. but it was all good. walking is good (but it was bad coz i really needed to pee).


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

. . . funny things in life . . .


just wana share the laughs with ya'll...

anyone care for some coffee or tea?

they send office products...


Monday, August 11, 2008

. . . deep thoughts . . .


i owes looked forward to weekends. the only time where i get to sleep a lot n also... sleep a lot. did i mention trying to be a chef as well with my new grill pan? yeah, that too. apart from that, i went to the Fete de Geneve where they showed beautiful firework displays combined with some music. quite fascinating but after 20 minutes of staring up in the sky, my neck really came out sore. wish i cud lie on the grass while watching the fireworks but there were to many people. speaking of people, i kinda felt like i was in Jeddah or some arabic country coz there was a ton of Arabs walking around. my friend tells me that its normal to see them around here during summer, but most probably next year wont be as much since Ramadhan is during the summer. well, we might not know anyways.

m still frustrated that i don't have enough 'resources' to buy a camera. theres so much to see n share with u all about the happenings in Geneva. especially for those who don't often get the chance to travel (like me before). but i vow to get one as soon as i am able to for the sake of amateur photography (^^,)

i felt empty on Sunday... i don't know why n what caused it. i can't think straight. but i could still cook good food (^^,) shops were as usual closed... except the airport. didn't have much money to spend on going out to IKEA by myself again. so i just felt like going to the movies. i'm impressed that the fact its summer, lots of movies come out. The Dark Knight is gonna play on Wednesday this week. i'm definitely going, no matter what the weather will be.