Friday, November 28, 2008

. . . prayers for you . . .


waking up to another day was already tough enough... then came the message i received from my loved one. my heart turned as small as a peanut n as cold as the winter season now.

mama bear is now in the hospital waiting for an operation. she had a severe stomachache last night. i duno wat else to do but to console n give her strength as best i can. for now, yes, i am worried. the doctor diagnosed her with the appendix thingy, i duno wat it is but it sounds awful.

with Allah's blessing, i pray n hope for a speedy recovery. m so sorry for not being there for you dear...

i love you


Friday, November 21, 2008

. . . kakashi's death . . .


god... cant believe he's gone now. i know its just a Naruto comic but hey come on! its darn exciting... oh well. i hope Naruto will avenge him.


ps. yes i do love reading manga. got tired of waiting for the clips to finish n mangas r wayyyyy updated.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

. . . a bit of a laugh . . .


i've always been a kid at heart. cartoons never failed to entertain me even after 25 years of ups n downs. for now, spongebob squarepants has brought back so many smiles n also cheered on for my lonely days. well, actually i like patrick starfish the most. he's like me in a way (during my lagging moments...)

hahahaha... i love stupidity, only in certain moments (^^,)


Monday, November 17, 2008

. . . in my mind . . .


no more night strolls for me now. its already freakin cold even in daytime so might as well have a walk in the sun nearby the lake. when the mind wo(a)nders, the body feels nothing...

such beautiful scenes n views all around the lake. people skating by, jogging, bringing out the cute kids for a walk, skateboarding, rollerblading... u name it. the wind blew slowly but surely. half my face felt like thin ice while the other was heating up. the whole of my body trying to balance the surroundings n the thoughts in my mind...

such a brave pigeon... just hopping around on pieces of broken glass from a bottle smashed on the pavement. even with people running by, it just stood still n pecked on any food particles it finds. it even manages to look around but still staying at the same spot. such a brave pigeon.

a father captures a picture of his cute smiling daughter. i could see her cute straight teeth. such a beautiful picture that would make. how wonderful life can be when there r smiles n cute things, only God knows... the cute kid looked at me n waved. i waved back even knowing that my fingers r freezing cold from the wind. i'd withstand anything for a smile...

i closed my eyes n tried to feel the heat of the sun rays falling upon my face. such a wonderful feeling. such tranquility. i could hear cars n people going by. yes, the world moves but i'm staying still. the loud silence for a brief moment, i thought time stopped... but then again came the cry of a small baby. yes, the world is still moving whether i'm sitting still on the bench on a cold sunny day.

i try not to wander my mind off too far. i always think back of the things that was done, some regretted, some i'm still proud of. should i wander off the future as well? for now, its best to stay in the present... i think a lot. so much so it uses every space of my brain. the mind thinks, even when the body rests. my mind went 360 degrees whenever it could, wherever i may be. i've thunk (is there such a word) so many things to be thought of. i tried not to think but thinking is just what i can only do n what i think can make me do something that i could ever think of... think of it. does my mind go insane because of thinking? i guess not. but then again, too much can make a sane man go insane...


...being sane IS my insanity...

i think so... just maybe. or it is already the reality?

opened my eyes again. yes, this is reality. no doubt. i stood up, placed my hands firmly in my pocket, grasping at nothing... and walked off. hm, i could use a bite of hot shawarma n also some mint tea. back to reality... back to life at its best, or worst. come whatever may.


Friday, November 14, 2008

. . . first time flyers . . .


were u like this when u first boarded a plane?

i know i wasn't... thank GOD!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

. . . cherished memories . . .


a special memory, always specially cherished... in a special place. i love you. for the one who understands this, this is for you.


ps. i think the song n clip doesnt really sync... but hey, its all good.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

. . . a song for you . . .


a revised version of Beanjai's video clip i uploaded a while ago... enjoy


ps. siap dgn logo mtv lagi tu... inda kana copyrights kah tew...?

Monday, November 10, 2008

. . . CEPTA 08.11 . . .


Bogos from The Black Tigers

Ninja & T-Rex showing off their new rifles

Kite posing... Airsoft style

the mask was riding up my nose, ok?

not a bad day for me. or to put it directly, this was the effing awesomest day of my life! i got my marpet forest attire, boots, mask, vest n most important of all... A Marui M4 RIS Rifle! oh my goodness. the sheer climax of having the rifle i wanted most. pleasure... well, at first i was gonna get me a sniper rifle, but the fact that i cant hide for shit and takes time to cock the weapon, i think i was better off with the M4. besides, i can always modify it into a sniper rifle.

the best part is yet to come. after being ass-whooped by the Black Tigers on past sessions, we finally beat them this day. there were three of them though, but it was hard enough to pin them down. and i got three of them! joyyyyyyyy!!!! hahahaha... well, they r bound to get their revenge next game but thats ok for me. i couldnt help myself smiling n doing the jig all the way back to our 'camping spot'.

we then had a match with some local swiss kids. as usual, they were noisy n didnt really follow the rules. for that, we kicked their asses. all of em. we had the Black Tigers with us to do the dirty job so all i had to do was find a huge tree n relax until the game finishes.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

. . . in my mind . . .


city of geneva by the lake at night

as i sat on the bench on a cold night, my mind as usual wonders around thinking over my past n future. it was so cold, i swear my eyeballs were frozen. but hey, when the mind wanders, the body feels nothing...

as i watched the open lake from the bridge... i noticed that there were strips of calmness n also strong flows of the water. it was sort of an illusion... the mind confirms what the eye sees. i tilted my head to the left n right. there was no calmness. it was just the light that made it different. hence, the lake was flowing strongly.

a duck was swimming across from the corner of the bridge. from time to time, it stops n paddles n stops. probably to fight the strong currents. but even with that, it managed to cross to the other side with a bit of work. at times it gets stuck in some whirlpools... as if it was like bombs planted scattered on the ground. for a number of times, i see the duck got itself stuck in n struggling its way out of the whirlpool. it keeps getting stuck. maybe bcoz its too dark to see the whirlpool in front of it or maybe... it just likes the challenge, to see how he can manage itself out of the whirpool...

i noticed also a swan getting stuck in one whirlpool. the duck courageously comes to the rescue by pushing the swan... but not all swans r beautiful i guess. once it was out, it was the duck's turn to struggle out of the whirlpool. not only that, the swan pecked at it like it was its worst enemy... n wandered off strutting its white big wings, showing off to its other friends... leaving the duck to fight the whirpool itself. luckily it won n went off to find a huge rock in the middle of the lake. it noticed me somehow n showed interest in me... i could tell coz it was tilting its head at me d same way i was tilting my head to it.

i said to myself... or maybe to the duck, i know how u feel my friend.

with a huge breath in n out, i stood up n walked back to my apartment... on a lonely cold night. no expresso machiatto this time. that shit would kill my brain cells n pop out my eyes again...


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

. . . return of the paparazzi . . .


the x-reporter at work

wow, its mustve been ages since i handled the camera. it gave me that special flare (relight my fire~ yeah!) i had when i worked as a reporter n a dark room technician (museums)

sunday 02.11.08 - the office officially n successfully had an all asian golf tournament at la manchette (around the border of france n geneva) n to our expectations, the ambassador of brunei gained the winning position... not bad for a 'seasoned' player i might add. he is that good at sports.

to look at the photos i took, u guys n gals can visit my colleagues' flickr account by typing/search for 'jdonaleonor'.