Thursday, February 16, 2012

. . . couch potato . . .


never a good idea to be a tv junkie, but with the tv shows that are available today, its totally impossible not to just waste hours sitting in front fo the tv/computer while stuffing junk food up your (mouth) hole. ask me about which ones i like... totally impossible to name just one. my genres extend to various choices depending on the story line of the show. i have not yet tried reality shows as i find them mostly plastic and induce cringing moments e.g. Kardashians, Jersey Shore or even American Idol and X-Factor. never been much of a fan for those although i do sometimes have a quick look through.

i also find them a bit of degrading my mentality (well, i think if you see all my tv series and movie collection, probably thats the reason why i am already a bit more mental than usual)... some of the shows that i've been watching religiously;

Hawaii 5-0
Lost Girl
The Walking Dead
World Wrestling Entertainment (from birth till i die)
How I Met Your Mother
Top Gear UK
The Vampire Diaries (not as cringing as Twilight)
Warehouse 13
Person of Interest
X-Files (never too boring to see it all over again)

a few more titles that i'm currently new to...

i feel that there is a good resemblance of Lost in this series plus me likey the actress... rawr! and that i've always been a great fan of mystery and investigations (but i couldn't catch up to CSI much since i found their ways are rather way too advanced for me to comprehend)

i loathed the production of Paranormal Activity movies but this one was quite a thrill. at least i could see what is coming and what they are running from.

since i've also begun to indulge on Korean variety series, this one definitely caught my attention as well as laughter. i must admit not every single episode is my favorite. they have their boring moments as well but in general, it does fascinate me on their brilliant ideas and concepts. i am a big fan of the main character, Yoo Jae Suk as he is a very good comedian in Korea. plus i have been watching him since his Family Outing days (another great Korea variety show).

this morning i was doing my routine checkup on news (more like entertainment news) and found an article about a newly appointed (?) series that will be appearing soon. its a production os a series about Hannibal Lecter! i am sooooooooooo gonna wait and watch for this. i am dying to see a great movie made into a series. i hope they bring it as good as the movie(s). and i really do hope they cast in suitable actors and actresses because i know for a fact, that noone can muster up the genius psychopath persona like Sir Anthony Hopkins...


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

. . . its freezing . . .


i was like a common Asian from a tropical country, who longed for snow. always wondering how beautiful it is when it snows... all white and pure... surely fluffy and gentle, promising an idea of making a snow angel on a bed of thick snow. i longed to get into snow gear and go skiing gracefully in the mountains as well as making a fat snowman and throwing snowballs at my friends, laughing.

reality? eff it. eff that and eff the friggin' snow. effing hell its cold!

okay okay so it spoils your idea of a white winter. you may curse me for ruining your imaginations but let me tell you this, consider it an advanced notice and advice. when they say its cold and windy (and also its in the minus eg. -5... -10) brace yourself with warm clothes, especially wind breakers (any clothing that can repel the wind).

5 minutes walking through the snow and wind is like walking through thorny bushes. not pretty. yes of course you can still make snow angels, play snowballs... but come on. get your common sense on. you can tell between a good winter day and a bad winter day. so don't take my words as pure judgement. i can be wrong too but in this case, in this moment of time, the weather is just unforgiving for those who do not heed to warnings.

taken from 3471family blog

the picture above gives you an ample amount of evidence on how cold it is here in Geneva this month.


Thursday, February 2, 2012

. . . my girls . . .


in this hard shell of a man lives a soft heart as well. yes i do listen to korean songs. in fact numerous other songs from the normal songs that we hear everyday. heck i even love to listen to Taylor Swift now and again. i don't think my taste is peculiar but i can say i have no definite answer when someone asks me what type of music i like. i can go right from Credence Clearwater Revival up to Slipknot... the thing is, my mood is also like music.

back to my girls... ever since the lovely Mama Bear introduced me to Korean entertainment, it led me not only to love its music, but also its culture (especially the food). maybe i am a bit outdated on it (as well as other stuff... like knowing Gillian Anderson is British) but i found that their entertainment industry has reached far beyond the borders of their country. i used to read that they only promote it to nearby countries like Japan or China... but now, good gosh, it seems that they've gone everywhere! USA is a common general yes to me but off to Europe and South America were my biggest surprise.

from the left, Sunny-Tiffany-Sooyoung-Seohyun-Yuri-

i am (not biased) a fan of Girls' Generation or normally known as Soh Nyuh Shi Dae (SNSD). before die-hard fans lay down their anger at any of my mispronunciation on their name, forgive me but like i said, just a fan. nine beautiful leggy and fair skinned girls with names that i always tend to mix up (but not now... HAH!) captivating viewers (especially men) with their cuteness and beauty paired with their dance routines. their rapid change throughout the past few years have been in enormous proportions (for those who pay attention to them and their industry).

just recently they went on Late Show with David Letterman and Live with Kelly... they've done tours almost to all the major cities in the world. they were actually close by last year when they performed the SMTown Concert in Paris. it was so bittersweet for me as i had workloads at that time. plus getting the ticket was a bitch. i could even enter the site properly, hence i gave up. oh well, there always a chance next time...

even Harry Potter fancies the girls :)


ps. don't tell the Mama Bear that i love Seohyun xD

. . . one down . . .


god this game is amazing! i had hours (separate) of fun playing it. i couldn't feel the pain on my fingers and arms as i go through numerous parts of the game. i like the feel of the game that has some similarities to games nowadays. doing quests and thus gaining more power. and also, the choices that you make throughout the game will affect your ending.

gaming as it seems is carried to different levels each year. god i feel so old. but alhamdulillah, i still got that gamer feel in me although i can't last more than 4 hours without tearing up or having a backache... i managed to finish Splinter Cell Conviction as well the past week. i must say i'm getting more productive! my gaming habits usually end up moving to another game without finishing the previous one... now that these two have been settled, i'll try to move on playing my other games including, Final Fantasy XIII, GTAIV, L.A.Noire, Dante's Inferno... oh god theres a lot! here comes future sleepless nights during the weekends. hahaha!