Friday, June 14, 2013

. . . wasting my time . . .


damned games really getting into my mind... my hands are always itching to mash the controller buttons. keep staring at the clock when i'm at the office to see if its nearly 5pm so i could rush and get back to gaming.

i curse you Bethesda. i curse you in a good way for making me addicted to these two friggin' games... hahahha! *going mad*


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

. . . sausage making? curing beef? . . .


yeah i know. such a huge leap from gaming to culinary arts on meat. my attention span on one thing changes ever so quickly. but its not like a series of psychotic moods or crazy mindsets... (hmm... although i am sanely insane). but anyways yeah, its some sort of my side project along with the other projects i wanna do just to have something to do while wasting my life away alone here in Geneva.

but goodness gracious its really such a chore. aight so maybe i should explain from the beginning on why actually i've abruptly chosen this path amongst other paths that i'm taking. no doubt my intentions are still to build a pc. but looking at the situation (dead broke!) that leaves me unable to do about it soon, i decide to concentrate on other paused plans.

so. everybody knows bacon. bacon actually refers to cured meat regardless of any animal... but its commonly known to belong to pigs. a process of drying, dry aging, keep it for a long period of time to consume in the following days. considered as a ¨food saving¨method by many different people in many countries around the world. but the public nowadays choose to understand bacon to be cured meat derived from only the pig. hence, to Muslims, makes it an inedible or ¨haram¨or plainly, not to be consumed by Muslims at all due to religion matters.

not really a good example but putting a picture of pure bacon
gave me a strange feeling... but you get the gist

the media and internet plays a huge part on promoting the damned pig product. which frustrates me because i am easily convinced that it taste good. no no... as hungry as i am, i respect myself and my religion too much to just straight forward eat pork. yes i have eaten it, but not by choice. a common case of mistaken assumptions. happens to me so many times. making me doubtful to eat out and choosing to stay home and make my own food with the products that i know are given the okay to eat.

thus, sort of, made me have this inner voice saying... hang on, why not experiment on making my own bacon using Halal products? i''ve made Belutak before which is more or less similar to curing meat! and kaboom bang bang powww... challenge accepted.

in retrospect, with the experience of making Belutak, my theory is to use a good cut of meat with good amount of fat and special salts used for dry aging meat. when i realised curing meat can also lead to making sausages, it got my brain ticking again... why not make home made sausages too? hmmmm. challenge added and accepted!

no no. not those processed meat sausages. thats too... artificial. i'm talking about pure meat and fat from the animal. manual labor. the very essence of making homemade sausages. intricate yet interesting!

seems ugly when uncooked but it will be amazing!
i promise you. no no, the picture is an example... i didn't make that...

the somewhat proper way of smoking meat in a steel leak-proof cabinet

most likely i'll be doing it like this... on my balcony or even in my
kitchen nearby the window....

so, i haven't started on it. surprised? well i did say i was dead broke. and meat is expensive especially when you want the good cut. a kilo of chicken was 15.40 francs. a slice of cote de beouf costs almost 30 francs depending on how heavy it is.... and to that i say damn. not to mention the fact that its hard to obtain that sausage tubing (in French its called Boyaux). its far better to use the intestines of animals but there is an option of using vegetable or plant based (artificial tubing).

then theres that matter of smoking it. i am an avid BBQ guy. i find it amazing and fun to watch charcoal cook meat slowly. smoking beef and sausages are another matter. a delicate matter. it involves the insertion of wood flavors into meats... fantastic. that matter is also a problem since i live in an apartment. not impossible but it ain't a good idea to do a full on BBQ smoking if you don't have the proper equipment.

but yeah... that project is paused too. sucks eh? tell me about it... but sooooooooonnn my precioussss...


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

. . . Tritton 720+ . . .


now this is based on my own experience, not that i have many of them but i am just starting out. so this means my comments are purely truthful and unbiased.

 love these friggin' headphones

not much of a surprise because its probably the first gaming headphones i have. my main usage has always been in-earphones or normal earphones on the market today. although i must stress out that however expensive and how much promotion they have set out in the public, some highly branded earphones/headphones just can't simply live up to their names (i will do a post on this another time). this goes out to food as well (also in another separate coming-soon post).

as expected from 7.1 surround sound, i find myself really diving into the game. at times finding myself half pissing to surprising sounds in the background. i wouldnt recommend pushing the volume up high if you're playing a horror games or games that involves suspense, unless you live off to that shit. i like smooth and relaxing sounds, sounds that i expect to hear. which also, these headphones deliver in quality and crisp(?) form. the long wires are welcomed as i connect it to my gaming consoles (which is also kind of a problem, i'll mention later on) which are connected to my tv that is around 5 metres away from my couch. surprisingly, it also doesn't bother me that its wired (others might prefer wireless headphones as its easy for them to move around).

but come on, seriously? why would you want to walk around with headphones when you're playing games. when you're listening to music, yeah thats acceptable. which leads me to its easy to disconnect volume controller. if you wanna take a piss or get a pack of cheese crisps in the kitchen, simply pull it off n leave the headset resting on your shoulders.

the issues that i've seen and heard from others have not influenced me to hate or even look for a better headphone(s). such as slight hissing sounds... headset can become heavy on long periods of gaming (you don't say?)... kind of tight fit (thats expected when you want to really hear what you listening to without outside noise disturbances)... ear itches (so scratch em! pause the game, take the Trittons off for a bit then put em back on!)... jeez common sense, people! use it!

i have yet to test out the mic but i dont really need it that much. though the idea of it of being able to attach and to pull it off the headset is a sweet idea. no complaints on that.

my main concern is actually connecting it to the consoles. bear in mind these Trittons needs to have a digital optical sound input for it to transmit sounds. and a USB connection to lead it to your gaming consoles. this is where my problem began. i didn't expect that it would be a chore but thanks to my absurd brain (which comes in handy sometimes) i managed to link the Tritton receiver box to both my PS3 and Xbox 360.

in short, you need a Y-USB cable and a TV that has an optical digital sound output. the Trittons are powered by the USB cable that will be connected to your console. i just realised that i can't turn on the receiver if my console is turned off. however, connecting it to two consoles seem to give it a boost of power that enables it to be turned on even when the consoles are turned off! sweet! the USB cable is also responsible in actions that your console(s) can make when connected to it such as configuring the settings etc.

the receiver is also indirectly directly connected to my tv box through the tv. hence, having it enough powered by two consoles, i dont have to turn on one console (and theres a higher chance that the audio input will be screwed up).

the picture below says it all.

the y-usb cable surely comes handy in this setting!

in short, i am well off with it!

BUT! i was damned to know that they came in black too... shit. i bought these white ones on impulse because i was sick of the noise that the neighbor upstairs emits every once in a while. its just an annoying coincidence that they always pump euro trash dance music every time i'm playing a game. i was so fed up with it. even increasing my game volume was not enough.

although... i am building a gaming rig in the near future... maybe i'll moved these there and buy another one which is black for my consoles... *evil laugh*


Monday, June 10, 2013

. . . wishful wishes wished . . .

Razer Edge Pro clocked price at US$ 1,299.99

Razer Blade Pro clocked price at US$ 2,499.00

any kind hearted volunteers to give them to me as a birthday gift?
you are always welcome and i will always receive ^^

. . . unsaid goodbye . . .


my heart aches as i work my words on this small meaningful post. time passes by. either i am moving forward, standing still or reminiscing... i can only continue moving on life as harsh as it may be. my heart has endured and, in a manner of disorderly fashion, has been tested to its bare roots. i have been happy, and sadness follows suit balancing the conditions of my feelings in my heart.

it would be a lie if i said i didn't see it coming. it would be terrible if i said it out loud too. but keeping it in is worse. i am a full on pessimist when it comes to anything good or bad. the good doesn't last long and the bad will eventually keep coming back. i have regarded life as sucky as it is and accepted it whole heartedly in hopes that Allah will help me through thick and thin. and HE does. never failing every single time. i am not holy, but i don't want to be damned too.

it didn't come to a shock, as i said, i saw it coming. no matter what words came out, that feeling still creeps behind my cheerfully made-up words. bear in mind that those words may be made-up but they are made-up with strong prayers and in hopes to calm the other persons' heart. in short, i am being as supportive as best i can to anyone that needs them the most, and i never break them even though the results can be seen clear.

i feel bad at the same time but i can't just blurt out negativity. that would be so wrong. truth can be relieving but can be hurtful hence i divert truth to a lighter note that is acceptable to the public. maybe to those who can unravel my coded words will understand but so far i don't think anyone can.

this is a sad post. it will always be a sad post. but this is just a post. not what i really feel in my heart. ever since i heard that news, my heart refuses to believe such truth as true as it may be. truth can be hurtful. i know it is hateful and can be considered a crime by anyone who thinks to quick; but i sometimes question Allah on His choices. not to stray away from the right path but i am always eager for an answer. slowly answers do come. slowly. i often lack patience but i am trying.

enough of that. but before moving on.

Kaka Atun
Dec 1979 - Apr 2013
You've always been the nicest and calmest, as well as funny, cousin amongst
all my other lovable cousins. it pains me to know that you are no longer with us but
i know Allah SWT called you back as he loves you more than we do.
i love you, we love you.


Don't fear death as it will come to you.
Don't escape death as it will come to you.
Do what you can to prepare when it comes to you.
Accept what befalls on to yourself. Theres always a meaning.


Sunday, June 9, 2013

. . . steam . . .


probably another step forward on gaming (and wasting my life online)...

registered to it although i haven't bought anything from it yet since i still haven't started on building a gaming rig. trust me, building it is easy, getting the parts ain't. especially for someone who is dead assed broke... (yeah and getting a rig will secure future profits... HAH!)

but anyways, STEAM does bring a ease to those who wants to purchase games online without having to buy the physical product(s). nowadays its common to download and store it in your console or pc hard disk. ah how time has changed. used to fill a whole shoebox full of GameBoy cartridges...


Thursday, June 6, 2013

. . . sexaaayyy . . .


recently been fanboy-ing on computer parts. i am definitely building my own gaming rig soon. i don't even know what got me started on being interested on such intricate things. but i do not deny on being really interested on cool gadgets nowadays...

my obsession at the moment...

... graphics card(s) ...

arent they just beauties? black. elegant. the epitome of manliness... okay i'm just throwing in any word i know but the fact remains, they are amazing (that includes the prices too... scary prices).

does this make me a nerd? i dont know. i dont care. i dont mind. but for sure, definitely sure, i may burn quite a big hole in my wallet on building a gaming rig.