Tuesday, June 23, 2009

. . . another year older . . .


ok so the real reason i didnt put any pictures since i came back to Brunei is that i dont have a card reader. its so pathetic n really annoying. all of this time when its there, i have no use for it but now i am really itching for one. argh...

anyway, as of this moment i am happy. what was suppose to be a small birthday celebration, turns out it became one hell of a birthday party. no no, no music or dancing. i dont do that stuff. trust me, i'm too old for that.

but like i said at this very moment i am really happy (^^,)

i thank everyone who came for my birthday. i really appreciate it. i'll come back to blog again coz i have to chow down on the birthday cake that the mama bear bought me ;) so sweet of her. thank you sweetie... i love you. oh oh oh, i LOVE the gift :)


Thursday, June 18, 2009

. . . @ home . . .


i said it once or twice or even lotsa times and i'll say it again... panas eeeyyyyhhh!!! *kiap2* is there someone who could invent a portable air conditioner around here? GOD! i think i bathed for like a hundredth time today! and its still freakin hot. even the skin on my fingers are starting to crack and tear apart... urgh. luckily theres owes cheap food around to keep me entertained. hahaha!

i am entering what seems to be the last days of my stay in Brunei. frankly i kinda have mixed feelings about it. especially the thought of leaving my loved ones :( i dont know what to do. in a matter of days i'll be on that ass whooping flight back to Geneva. then i have to look forward to another few weeks of jetlag. whats worse, i'll be alone again. things have to end sometimes, i have to accept it.

i managed to meet some of my relatives and friends but still not all of them. i hope i can still make time for the others. all i can bring back is memories. they keep me strong throughout the storm... i love you all. i am surely gonna miss you.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

. . . insanely sane ramblings . . .


yep, i cant sleep. its like 2am in the morning and my eyes are wide open. heck i forgot the last time i blinked. haha... seriously. its taking me some time to get used to the change. especially the freakin weather. i am so like... swiss... like... right now. oh-mah-gawd. mon dieu! i am that hot. hot with a capital H! arf!... um, where was i?

i havent had the opportunity to see some close friends yet since theres more important things to do. dont fret, theres still time. insyallah. give it time.

i cant stop munching. at this very moment, i am skillfully trying to balance a cold chocolate drink (which is really cheap), a piece of... err, i forgot, i gobbled it down already... hahaha... but for petes sake, i cant stop eating! aiyaiyai... benefits of coming back home. everywhere is cheap food. i think 10 minutes ago i took a dump for like the 10th time in a row today... just to save space for the incoming mounds of food that i will take in. but still i feel full... and yet i wanna eat more!!! aiyaiyai...

earlier we had ambuyat at Aminah Arif's i dont even know what we ordered exactly. i just ate. thats me. food in front of me, theres no wasting time. the only time i think i would stop eating is when i stop breathing... which will take me a while to get to at this rate. hell, i would even ask the doctors to jump start me to life again just so i can grab another bite to eat. hahaha... for the sake of 'kempunan' to some peeps *cough!*in*cough!*cough!*geneva*cough!... hmmm. man i have a sore throat... i meant actually, i'm not gonna post the delicious... succulent... CHEAP... and the crazy amount of infinite food menus, i wont post the pictures... yet. muahhahaha!!!

oh oh oh, i cant wait to go out with the mama bear (^^,) i miss her so much (and i'm already in Brunei!) i just love the happy look on her face as well as her parents when i dropped by. sorry it was only for a few minutes. i'll make it up to u soon sweetie.

so many things to do, so little time.

on the small dark side. i am really frustrated of people always considering of one's badness (does that word exist?) rather than think of the goodness they have. why would u do that? u know what i think of them? eff it. u understand, alhamdulillah. u dont, laissez tomber. let Allah point u to the right direction. it is to Him that i put my trust on my judgements. i pray to those to have the right thoughts in mind to others. sedarlah siapa dirimu. i know myself. i know my wrongs and for sure i know my own rights. climb up to one's skin and walk around it.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

. . . home again . . .


this is the best ever feeling that i've had for a long time. the sight of happiness etched right out loud from the faces of my parents when i came walking to the front of the house was a total blessing from Allah himself. i couldnt believe it myself. i'm acting like i've never seen them for ages... frankly, even a day without them is already enough to cause me sorrow. now i have at least a month with them.

i couldnt sleep ever since i flew from geneva (well, up until the last 6 hours ago when i dropped dead on bed) and i've been having nausea from time to time. no no... tis not the flu my friends, its the suspense and excitement. i couldnt think straight, my mind was always wondering on how my loved ones will react, couldnt eat... hey thats a lie. i ate like a pig once i touched down in KLIA. hahaha... i also had the luxury to spend a few hours in the airport hotel.

the scene was so different to me. i havent been away for that long enough but i felt like a kid being bought out to the city. so suddenly i start recognizing every license plate i see. hahaha... pathetic. i know. hey, i'm really happy to be home. the thing that worries me now is how bloated i'm gonna be will all the food lying around. i cant stop munching. this is really dangerous.

the heat is really killing me. i couldnt stand 5 minutes without breaking a sweat. damn. its really that freakin hot. i think i need to carry and ice block around...