Thursday, April 30, 2009

. . . 3rd Anniversary! . . .


pejam celik mata, dah tiga tahun dah mengharungi hari-hari bekasih sayang. cewaaaaaahhh!!! ada saja quote yg manis tu. biasa lah. hati muda katakan... (^^,) awu, tau ku pa, awal2 ani mcm2 tia janji2 manis atu. branang 7 lautan lah (branang pun nda pandai, terpuruk dlm lungkang udah tia kial2), gunung tinggi ddaki lah (naik tangga pun kapus2), you lap me i lap you (lap tia meja ah, tantu plg)... ahahhaha...

happy memories of being close together

ah biasalah semua atu. but alhamdulillah, the mama bear and i have gone thru the 3 years steadily and never too much or too less loving each other. we still have a vague future ahead but nevertheless, we try our best at everything. for one that i'm sure of, we need to settle our lives to ensure the future (^^,)

this year for me is the saddest as i havent seen her for almost a year and a half *sobs* que vais je faire? but insyallah when i return back home, i'll try to spend some quality time together. i'm still eyeing for her Begedil recipes! hehehe...

for all that is worth, i thank you mama bear, for being patient with me through all these times. i'll make it up to you, i promise. i love you so much and i pray for good things to come in the near future! amin!


Monday, April 27, 2009

. . . boredom . . .

. . . pool tourney . . .


yaw... as i expected. i didnt even last 5 games. i managed to win the first round against one of the Filipino players (by sheer luck). honestly, if he didnt accidentally potted the black eight ball, he cudve left me staring at the cold afternoon winds.

but luck didnt last for long, as i entered the 2nd round (my confidence and momentum was building up) i met a young Cambodian player who literally kicked my sweet sexy ass all around the place. the game was based on the best of three. obviously he kicked me out by the second frame which he cleaned easily without even breaking a sweat. all i did was just chug my lemon tea and watch him win. aiyaiyai...

some dudes say that they werent that ready, some say they didnt train properly, others say the feeling isnt the same when we're playing casually compared to a realy tournament. i say eff it. i lost. so what. end of conversation. but hey, there is still next year. probably i'm gonna do a full time career on pool. its all fun and dandy. i wanna learn snooker as well.

congrats to the 2 Cambodians, Lao & Ked who attained the 1st and 2nd while the 3rd went to Jesus from the Philippines (yes, he was playing pool on saturday... LoLs!). for the womens category (obviously) went to Ninja, congrats and i disagree, the stick doesnt make really big of a change. you played well, thats what counts (^^,) me on the other hand, with or without my happy stick, i'm definitely gonna give it all my best next year. i got one year to train so i aint giving up that easily (thank you very much for the support mama bear... i love you)


Thursday, April 23, 2009

. . . what?! . . .

wiener waffles... LoLs!!!

this is one menu i aint taking...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

. . . funny thangs in loife . . .

corny looking box... LoLs!

wtf? 3 pieces (halved) of corn is 4 freakin bucks??

get high... on tea!

. . . spotting balls again . . .


a few more days and the game shall start... good gracious god. its really nerve racking. i never compete full heartedly in every competition (well, not that i have been in any for a while) but the pool tournament this saturday is really getting me anxious as well as excited. i wont say its my favorite game of all time but thats the only thing that makes living in Geneva fun for me (apart from all the sales... hahaha!).

i came, i saw... i will conquer!

i've been going to the pool place almost every single day (i'm exaggerating as usual) but so far, i managed to become crappier each day. my placings are effed up, i cant pot the balls accurately. heck, i can't even strike a straight shot properly. yes, i suck at stress. i love it, but i totaly eff myself up. as i play, i began to think as usual... i always want to pot the balls in the right pocket, i'm fully determined at it. but most of the times it doesn't go in. i guess thats how life is. it wont go to what u demand. it only works for a while *sigh*


Monday, April 20, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

. . . farewells, welcomes, birthdays, kids . . .


like i said, i have this thing for being late and also forgetfulness... its being me :) but my intentions are pure and true to all those that i keep close to my heart. here we go!

first off, this goes off to Ka Chil and her family! i love you all. although it was for a while, i loved every moment of it and i look forward for the next. i've said a number of times before and i'll keep saying it again, it was great fun hanging out with u no matter if it was for work or play (well, i'd give AAA ratings for the fun part) hahaha...! euro 2008, fenomeno, chancy... it was absolutely fabulous! and the best part of all, the lovely kids, sofia n sofian, i miss them both as i type this ;( i've learned a lot and i am not ashamed to ask for more in the future. this is to you! i love you and Allah Bless You always. can't wait to see you again when i return back to Brunei for my holidays!

on to the next subject! a new bouncing baby girl!!! i introduce to u, Mya Halimah Batrisyia! daugther of Bukz and Mugz :) shes is absolutely beautiful. i hope i get to meet her soon. although i have no intentions to cradle her in my arms coz no matter how muscular my arms are, i am quite unstable when i carry a new born baby. hehehe... i forgot the date when she was born but i think it was near the end of january i guess. ngikut mua sapa kh ni krg... ada jua imbas2 si Bak. hehehehehe...

my next news is about welcoming 2 new colleagues from Brunei, Noramali and Saiful!!! oh yeah! we have new people in the houuuusseee!!! both are settling just fine in Geneva. i look forward to working with you two in the near future. oh yeah, i'm still gonna get my Macs soon. just u wait. hah!... it may take me a while... or maybe in a couple of years. hahaha! but never fret, i'll carry that Apple logo proud one day (usin bah usiiinnn!!!)

Noramali had her birthday a while ago but sadly, our official photographer wasnt around so i can only settle by saying Happy Birthday to you Mali!!! May all your wishes come true and Allah Bless You always!

and shortly after that, it was Ninja's turn to have her mind-blarshting birthday! Happy Birthday Tina, same prayers for you as well! and congratulations for winning 3rd place in the Scrabble tournament. sorry, i only made it to the semi-finals. u know how i am about semis and pressure, muahaha!

phew. who said bloggin wasnt tiring? i can feel my brain liquids dripping out of my mind. damn. my finger are having blisters. regardless of the pain, all of it boils down to one fact, i love my friends. no matter who or wherever they might be (especially when they bring food along!). three cheers for great friends, new and old!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

. . . boredom . . .

enough said... and done... LoLs!

. . . holiday agonies . . .


back to life, back to reality. the previous four-day holiday was just what i needed after all this time. yeah, most of us wish that it would become a full week holiday, but no. we wake up to the world and face reality as it is. so, on to another excruciating weeks of work and studies.

the best part of the holidays was me passing out on our airsoft game last saturday. everything went black for a few seconds and before i realised it, i was flat on the ground. wasnt very macho of me though *sobs* i dont think it was the heatwave... most probably bcoz i didnt sleep for the past few days. well, since thursday night to be exact. why? endless tv series. downloaded tv series. yes. pathetic. but go through it and you will be in the same situation as i was. then came the red bull... ahahaha... yes. i overloaded on it. every can is an eye buster as far as i'm concerned. i think i need to trim down on my sugar levels.

after the game i took a few hours of sleep (and a bit of continuation on CSI...) and then i was back to normal. even so, i enjoyed every bit of it. from now i could spend my weekends without going out and spending too much. well, except if theres irresistable invitations eg. pool, movies, FOOD. did i mention FOOD? yes i did. anyfood, yeah, i'd rather stay indoors watching endless tv series (minus the red bull this time) for the rest of my holidays. some might and did say its a losers' world being a couch potato. so is everyone a winner in the world? i dont think so.

i wouldve done a record of staying indoors for four days but alas, i am human and i do need the sunrays beaming on my cute smiling face. its a pity that i didnt have the chance to go to yvoire with some colleagues coz i was just too tired (and still going bonkers on Supernatural) but they managed to pull me out to the lake at one point. i just realised i nearly missed a beautiful day at the lake. even the fact the almost everyone was half naked (i'm exaggerating) the view was fantastic. damuan, eat ur heart out :P~ having a caramel ice cream during a hot day was just the saving grace that i was looking for.

i'm still waiting for my pictures from my colleague. will post it soon.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

. . . airsoft under fire . . .


for years airsoft has been played in Geneva, and for some odd reason now its being scrutinized in a very bad view. now all that i can understand from the report in the newspaper is that people are starting to be afraid of airsofters due to the "extreme" real-life replica of weapons. i dont blame them too much on it. but why now do they complain?

a cute looking airsofter posing for the newspaper (^^,)

for all i know, we play by the rules. although there has been a few minor incidents where some 'civillians' as we call them get shot, they dont even flicker much but smile, give warm salutations, apologies and just walk away like nothing happened. there are a millions criticisms and a million more answers to this small shitty matter. long live airsoft!